Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unknown light-skinned man's body found in Tongaat river, near Brake Village, May 16 2012

A light-skinned man's body has been found on the banks of the Tongaat river, near Brake Village on May 16 2012. PICTURE ATTACHED

Two men who were searching for scrap metal in a sugar cane field spotted clothing and what they feared was a body on the banks of the Tongaat river near Brake Village on Monday. Terrified, the men ran away and went to the road where they stopped Kenny Govender, an officer of Reaction Unit South Africa, who just happened to pass by en-route to central Tongaat. He accompanied the men to the scene. The men told Govender that on Sunday, at about 2PM, they were collecting scrap metal in a sugar cane field, near Brake Village. They spotted the clothes in the water and fled the scene out of fear.

Head of RUSA, Prem Balram said, “Officer Govender travelled approximately 500 meters on a dirt road towards the river where he noticed a body in the water.

"He then called for further assistance and more reaction officers responded. The officers then walked along the river and found a body lying in the water.

"The body was clothed and decomposing. The victim was cllad in a blue jeans and yellow shirt. "A reaction officer was then posted to guard the body and hand it over to the South African Police”.

The case has been handed over to the Tongaat Police: tel Phone: 032-9449901 Fax: 032-9449931

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