Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mrs Susan van Biljon, Afrikaner farm wife, black group kicked in her backdoor, tied her up, beat her up, she survived: four cats poisoned

Mrs Susan van Biljon, Afrikaner farm wife: survives farm attack:
Marlene Jordaan - Volksblad - in the fourth farm attack within 10 days in the northern Free State alone, 67-year-old Mrs Susan Van Biljon was attacked by a black male gang which kicked in her door; tied her up, beat her up and threatened to pour boiling water over her. She survived. They had put out poison for the guard-dogs but four cats died of it instead.
Christo Jansen van Rensburg, 36, also was petrolbombed inside his bakkie as he was ambushed at his farm gake, And Cookie and Meisie Oosthuizen, 69 and 68, of a Koppies farm escaped being shot dead during an ambush; near Bothaville two security guards were attacked by a black-male gang during an attack against disabled 95-year-old veteran-farmer Frikkie Rautenbach, 95. The attackers used hammers.

Mrs Susan van Biljon runs a farm-shop at her homestead. Pieter Farrel, a security consultant, said he received her emergency call at 21:43. From the time they attacked her to the time she phoned me for help, they turned over the interior of her homestead, plucked her around, tied her up to a chair, and threatened to boil her alive with boiling water. They demanded that she give them money and robbed R200 in cash, cellphone airtime coupons and the container of a computer.
She managed to free herself from her bonds and called Farrel on her cellphone. Farrel said SAPS w/o Belinda Mitchell and sergeant O.B. Oberholzer of the Sasolburg dog-unit arrived very quickly in their private vehicles after they were alerted.
Transvaal agricultural union spokesman for the Free State, Bertus van der Westhuizen, expressed his concern about the apparent increase of armed attacks by black male gangs on farms and smallholdings in the northern Free State region.

He surmised that 'syndicates' were involved in these organised attacks. 'The fact that sixty or more heads of cattle are rustled at one time is no longer extraordinary. The question is whether the livestock-theft unit of the SAPS has the capacity to combat this threat?"

Each town should have a security-structure which would be prepared to cooperate with the local police and to, if necessary, even serve under the command of the SAPS. Only then do we have an opportunity to combat this scourage. The TLU expressed gratitutude for the fact that Mrs Van Biljon was not serious injured nor tortured - and thanked the police, the Heilbron citizens' self-defence unit and the Sasolburg police-dog unit for their rapid response. A team of skilled field-trackers was put on the trail of the attack-gang, said Farrel. SAPS brig Billy Jones of the Free State provincial police was not available to comment on the question whether there had been an increase in farm-attacks and livestock rustling.
It must be noted that the SAPS does NOT maintain seperate statistics for farm-attacks, nor do they maintain demographic statistics of any crimes, with the government maintaining a policy claiming that 'these are all just ordinary crimes' and should not be maintained on seperate records.
- Volksblad

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