Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hibbers, Francois, 48, security guard, shot dead execution style, no motive, Nicol Street, Witbank

Description Francois Hibbers, 48, shot dead execution style, 11 shots fired, Nicol Street petrol station, -- Witbank SAPS Emalahleni April 25 2012 - An Afrikaner security guard, Francois Hibbers, 48, was shot dead: eleven spent cartridges were found by police on murder scene: five from semi-automatic carbine. The motive is unknown: witnesses said the Afrikaner guard was shot dead inside his vehicle while patrolling and on duty in the early hours of the morning at 4am. He was found with his loaded gun still on his lap. The silence of Wednesday morning was abruptly broken by 11 shots fired behind the petrol station in Nicol Street. Many questions remain after the shooting of Mr Hibbers - the motive remains a mystery said Witbank police (Phone: 013-6555006/5082 Fax: 013-6555285) April 25 started horribly for Secure Access Security when the reaciton officer was shot inside his work vehicle at approximately 04:00. A black Polo Classic sped away just after the shots were heard by on-looking and confused petrol attendants at the garage. Hibbers was found dead inside his vehicle with his firearm on his lap and it is unclear at this stage whether any shots were fired from his gun. Police found 11 spent cartridge cases on the scene, five from a semi-automatic carbine.

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