Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mrs Winnie Barnard, 75, tortured, repeatedly stabbed, survives attack by black knifeman

Elderly Afrikaner woman, Winnie Barnard, 75, brutally, repeatedly stabbed with knife, tortured, Dan Pienaar Bloemfontein
2012-03-30 André Damons Seventy-four-year-old old-age pensioner Mrs Winnie Barnard suffered a horrendous attack by a black man who walked into her kitchen, stabbed her first with one knife until the blade broke off, then a vegetable knife, stabbing her repeatedly. He reportedly verbally abused her loudly, threatened to rape and kill her, and tortured her. The old lady was home alone at 13h30 on March 29 2012 when she was attacked from behind, hit over the head - and her ordeal started. Her right eye socket has cracked and she suffered seven stab-wounds with two different knives to her body. The attack was described by her son as 'excessively violent and totally unnecessary. " Mediclinic spokeswoman Mrs Amanda Appelgryn said Mrs Barnard now has been stabilised and recovering.Mrs Barnard was first hit from behind. After she was stabbed and kicked, she was TIED UP by her hands and feet and the man then dragged her that way all around inside her house. Hr son Dr Barnard said the man opened the safe after torturing her for the code, and found some money in it - but no weapons. He also looked for her bankcard and tortured her to get the PIN code. He repeatedly verbally abused her, threatened to rape her, and to kill her." She thought at once stage he was going to her into the pool to drown her. He dragged her to a backroom, pulled a plastic bag over her head and locked her up instead.' The man fled with a mere 80-Euros (R1000) and a computer. He used her VolvoS40 to flee with. Usually in such attacks the cars are merely found abandoned: often crashed and or torched. Dr Barnard said the torture-attack was shocking and unnecessary, excessive violence. A domestic worker raised the alarm when she saw the black man flee from the house. SAPS sergeant Thabo Litabe said the man has not been arrested.

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