Monday, April 16, 2012

Attacks grow against Afrikaners: Free State

Farmitracker postings show that attacks against the 100,000 Afrikaners in the Free State increased from 1.5 monthly average to TEN a month after Jan 8 2012 -- when SA pres Jacob Zuma publicly sang that horrid hatespeech song Shoot the Boer .

In the Free State alone there were thirty violent attacks within three months (ten a month) against Afrikaners after Zuma sang the Shoot the Boer song -- as compared to the previous three-year-total of 58 attacks (= average 1.5 attacks a month) from Dec 31 2008 to Dec 31 2011. (maps below)

There has also been a dramatic increase in the cross-border violent live-stock rustling incidents by large, heavily-armed Sotho-citizens, many former gold-miners, who are targetting Afrikaner farmers along the borders of Lesotho.

With 100,000 Afrikaners in the Free State, this represents an attack rate of 17.24 per capita for this small ethnic minority – which represents only one-third of the total FS population.

In one mob-attack by black township dwellers against a Free State police staton, the local ANC-MEC in charge of security ordered the cops to ‘use maximum force’; attacks against Afrikaners included the murder of Bloemhof farmer At van der Merwe on Apr 3; Heilbron farmer Christo van Rensburg who survived a molotov-cocktail attack on Apr 10; five Afrikaner families were kidnapped from their homes in one small suburb: Uitsig, Bloemfontein; Harrismith farmer Tjokkie Venter was stabbed in the face by illegal squatters on a government-owned farm; workers Chris Grobler and Eugene Lloyd survive an attack on a Kroonstad farm; and an ANC-official of the Sasolburg town council ran his car at breakneck speed at the popular Afrikaans singer Zak van Niekerk, killing him and critically injuring his friend;

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