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Jacobus Paulus Botha and Alice Botha, brains bashed in 12 Feb 2010 Benoni: TRIAL DELMAS FROM APRIL 16 2012 CASE 548/02/2010

Jack and Alice Botha murdered (brains bashed in) on 12 feb 2010 in Benoni: case 548/02/2010: trial date set APRIL 16 to 25 APRIL 2012 Delmas High Court:
suspects' names: David Kgoatla, Stephen (Mchacho) Seipeng. (Third suspect Abel Skyzer Mokoena was excused from court in Oct 2011, because of insufficient evidence_.
Jack and Alice Botha attacked in Benoni: 12 February 2010: case 548/02/2010 trial date set for 16 to 25 April 2012
Delmas High Court: suspects' names: David Kgoatla, Stephen (Mchacho) Seipeng.
Third suspect Abel Skyzer Mokoena was excused from court in oct 2011, because of insufficient evidence.

Jacobus Paulus Botha and Alice Botha, murdered 12 Feb 2010 Benoni - trial: 2 black male suspects postponed to April 16 2012 BECAUSE THERE WAS NO RESIDING JUDGE:

Daughter Alice Botha-Muller wrote previously: - DELMAS COURT Oct 2011: the start of the double murder trial of three black male suspects in the slaughter of my parents Jacobus Paulus Botha (Jack) and Alice Botha was postponed because there was no residing judge available. The trial is being held at court in Delmas, AND STARTED with three suspects. It was postponed to 16 April 2012 - but only with two suspects: the third man was dismissed because there was 'insufficient evidence' of his involvement.The reason for the postponement was ridiculous: all the witnesses, the attorneys, the state prosecutors were on hand, and there was a judge a Mrs Karelse: but she was not the 'residing judge' - who was NOT at the trial. So the case was postponed again. Judge Karelse was merely there to postpone the case and to announce that the third suspect was free to go. The family has questions about the inaccurate death-certificate date and also about the 'poor police investigation' and will raise this with the authorities, she writes.
Meanwhile the suspect who was found in my sister's house during the attack was in shackles in court and allowed to just walk amongst the family in court.
We have complained to the public prosecutor about the fact that the suspects are so close to us but she said it was 'an old court room' .
The evidence in the docket is that my mother was strangled to death, raped and sustained horrendous injuries to her head - leading to her death.
She was already dead when my sister arrived and discovered them she must have died between 9 and 10 o'clock and the rest of the family arrived at 11am.
However the death-certificate lists her as dying on 13 February but that's rubbish, the police-forensic investigator arrived at that time between 1 and 2am but she was long dead then.
My father's brain injuries also were directly linked to his death according to the forensic report. There are several things which worry the family about this:
the police conducted a poor investigation, but we will discuss this with the authorities before the trial resumes in April 2011.
Alice Botha-Muller: facebook:

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