Monday, July 2, 2012

to access the entire list of all 89 incidents above, access: detailed update from June 1 2012 to June 10 2012:

Attacks against Afrikaners from June 1 2012 to June 6 2012: details:

Attacks against Afrikaners from June 1 2012 to June 4 2012:

Archives Jan 2010 to May 31 2012:

Month of June 2012 thus far:

Month of June 2012:

Strasbourg European Parliament highlights SA farm murders in meeting with 46 MPs on July 4 2012:

'Not one Euro to corrupt ANC-regime': MECs from 12 EU-countries lodge opposition to development-aid funds for SA:

War threats, hatecrimes against SA whites June 6 2012

Wave of slaughter plunges Afrikaners into mourning in June 2012:

June 6 2012: Leading Afrikaners protest against their genocide: Pretoria:

June 6 2012: Genocide of the Boer Nation: report to by 'Boereleed Instituut' - kriminoloog Pieter Oosthuizen:

SA State Broadcaster bans two ads for racist reasons:

Angry Boers demonstrate in Delmas after murder of five-month-old Afrikaans baby and his daymother;

South African Police Service*, official crime statistics: (the very latest ones for up to April 2011 were only released in SEPTEMBER 2011:

(*Please note: the SA Police Service statistics do NOT maintain crime-statistics with ANY race-references: they thus ALSO CANNOT DISPROVE these Farmitracker documents: which are -- if you read each one carefully - meticulous, often with phone numbers & names of the original sources such as police, eye-witnesses, ambulance personnel etc dealing with such crimes. Extensive use is also made of official death-certificates and hospital mortality records).

*Homophobic hatecrimes – all deadly – are included in ‘xenophobic’ incidents as well as in incidents targetting whites:

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