Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black Sasol Secunda worker: "I want to kill all the whites"

Description Black SA worker wants to kill all the whites: Three black males - one works at the Sasol Secunda plant, one from Sasolburg but who works at the Johannesburg health department are talking about planning to 'kill all the whites', they told each other on Facebook. ============================ REMBULUWANI KEVIN RAMUNTSHI - (facebook picture attached) is a mechanical fitter at Sasol Secunda and wrote in response to colleague's message MPHOZA MOFAMERE "I hate whites' ---- by replying: 'Me too. Let's go kill them all Mngani. (20 July at 09h17) -------------- To which SHAUN MOTSITSI -- who is from Sasolburg, but lives in Katlehong and works as a consultant at the Department of Health in Johannesburg, responded: 'guys guys you are in a perfect position to kill them all:' July 20 at 17h44. ======================= =======================

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