Monday, July 2, 2012

Afrikaans toddler Kaylee Niemand, 2, assaulted by nurse, Bloemfontein Hospital: punishment for child spitting out her medicine

Two-year-old Afrikaans girl assaulted by nurse at Bloemfontein Hospital as punishment for 'spitting out medicine' Mrs Anna Niemand of Bloemfontein had to look on helplessly when a nurse beat her two-year-old, feverish little girl Kaylee across her upper-legs as punishment for spitting out her medicine. The assault on the child was just the start of a chain of events in which security guards barred the child's grandmother Ellen Stols from seeing the child, and where a nurse assaulted Mrs Stols. The mother and grandmother also were barred from seeing the sick little girl outside the visiting hours: which is unusual for a South African hospital.The nurse who got angry and beat the little girl, and the other nurse who held te child down while the first one forced medicine down the child's throat, now are being investigated - by the hospital as well as by the SAPS, said local police spokesman Chaka Marope. Charges will also be investigated concerning the assaults on the grandmother. URL

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