Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well-known Afrikaners march in Pretoria on June 19 2012 against the wave of violence targetting them:

On June 19 2012, Afrikaners and Boers plan to hold a peaceful march from the Pretoria art-museum to the Union Buildings to present yet another petition to SA president Jacob Zuma – you know he’s that proud Zulu man with the 21 kids and the many wives: a man who is allowed to proud of his own heritage; a man who is allowed to call himself a Zulu; but Afrikaners and Boers aren’t allowed to speak up on behalf of their own murdered kith and kin without being demonised. Yet it’s this Zulu leader, who also happens to be the president of South Africa, who so often sings his favourite song: ‘Shoot the Boer ‘ to his own ANC-electorate. The DA does not attack Zuma for being an out-and-out black-racist who is actively inciting black people to murder the 3,5-million Boer-Afrikaner minority in South Africa. Why not?

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