Monday, June 4, 2012

Neels Maritz, 60, of Levubu, Beaufort region, survives attack on farm - updates awaited

Sixty-year-old Neels Maritz of Levubu has survived an attack by workers on his farm.
Mrs Joy van Tonder writes on Face book that her grandfather and her family know the farmer.In this region, Afrikaner farmers were forced to sell up to create the Venda homeland before 1994.One Afrikaner farmer, Piet de Jager, was shot dead because he refused to sell up. According to the information Mrs van Tonder received from her aunt Francis Landman, Mr Maritz survived the attack and is recovering at home. Apparently there had been a dispute between Mr Maritz and a worker. "Later the workers hid behind a vehicle and attacked him, he shielded his hands against the knife and injured it'.
Beaufort is a district in the Levubu region which is comprised of agricultural smallholdings. The earlier information from Mrs Jeanette Delport also did not say that Mr Maritz was killed, merely that he was the 'victim of a farm attack'.

FARMITRACKER STILL AWAITING DETAILS SAPS Fort Beaufort Phone: 046-6451133 Fax: 046-6452505

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