Monday, June 18, 2012

Soutpan farmer Leonard Haasbroek, 58, injured by gunshot, fights back against 18yr Old black male who ambushed him and domestic worker

Afrikaner farmer Leonard Haasbroek was ambushed by an 18-year-old black male whom he had recently hired to do his gardening every Thursday. The SAPS arrested the 18yr-old after the farmer fought back: he was injured by one bullet the youth fired off, but when he tried to fire a second shot the weapon misfired and the farmer grabbed him. The youth managed to wriggle from his jacket and fled but he was apprehended shortly afterwards by the SAPS at about 13h00 on June 14 2012. The 'youth ' had overpowered the domestic worker before he ambushed the farmer when Mr Haasbroek returned home. The motive seems fuzzy: there appeared to be no attempt at robbing anything. Nor was there any mention of any 'wage dispute'. A source said when the 18-yr-old male was asked why he fired off the shots, he reportedly said; "Just Because'. (Twitter pic of SAPS arrest details attached by Volksblad photographer @ConradBorman). -- The farmer was shot once and was taken to the hospital for treatment as was the domestic worker. (Soutpan SAPS Phone: 051-8311122 -

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