Thursday, June 7, 2012

This week’s horrific hate-crimes crimes listed below against Afrikaners and Pakistani shopkeepers were all committed by black South Africans… but nobo

including: the young policeman-father shot dead in front of his young son; an unnamed Honeydew couple shot dead by 8 blacks; a black SAPS officer charged with starting a xenophobic riot in Barberton; four Afrikaner children who burned to death in Randfontein (due to neglect by black ANC-councillors); KZN farmer Gert Uys who was found murdered – but the SAPS know nothing about it… Then the all-black ANC youth league also started warning that they ‘would not be able to guarantee the safety of white farmers if they didn’t hand over their land at once’; farmers in George are terrified because their families are targetted by waves of heavily-armed, very aggressive black youth gangs -- protected from prosecution by the Child Protection Laws. And last but not least, a black police officer was charged for inciting the recent xenophobic riots in Barberton. His case starts on August 6.

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