Thursday, June 14, 2012

Theresina Broskie, 92, murdered at her Persimmon Street, Malvern Home: reward for finding murderers

Posted: 13 Jun 2012 Theresina Broskie, 92: murdered at home, Persimmon Street, Malvern, May 15: reward for finding murderers offered on June 13 2012 - report by: the Bedfordview newspaper, published by Caxton's Looklocal, previously also reported that Theresina, known as Tess, was murdered and possibly raped in her house in Persimmon Street in Malvern on May 15. Private investigator, Wayne Kalis said that small items were stolen. “Items stolen included a kettle, Safeway radio, vacuum cleaner and a set of decorative 12 Apostles teaspoons that are easy to identify. It is also believed that a gold ring made by Theresina’s son was also taken. It was a gold ring with holes in it. With the nature of the crime, someone has to know something about it. The family is offering a reward,” he said. He added that information given will be treated in confidence. -

SAPS shocked by murder scene of woman (92) URL:

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