Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teen kills intruder and saves dad's life

Cape Town - A guesthouse owner's son is the hero of the day after killing an intruder who was shooting at his father, it was reported on Thursday. "I knew it was either him or us who would die," said Liam Kleyn, 16, from a hospital in Hermanus. Canzius Kleyn, 47, his wife, Betsie and their son Liam, were watching TV at their guest farm outside Caledon on Tuesday evening when a man walked in and aimed a 9mm pistol at them, Die Burger reported. Fight to the death Betsie Kleyn had her pistol with her because she felt uneasy after a call earlier in the day when someone enquired about accommodation in the guesthouse, but refused to give her his contact details. "He kept on asking whether we would be home in the evening," she said. When he saw her pistol, the intruder started shooting at her. Canzius then jumped up and tried pinning down the man. The intruder kept on fighting while Betsie fired at him. The intruder shot Canzius in the wrist and bit his ear off. During this time, Liam went to fetch another pistol from the safe and killed the intruder. "It’s scary to think of it now, but it was a fight to death." "He’s our hero," Canzius said of Liam. "He stayed calm...and saved all of our lives." The death of the unknown man is being investigated, police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said.

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