Sunday, March 18, 2012

Umarmed Mr Blignaut attacked, knifed, Brackenfell Tygerberg home: cursed for 'white trash' - video

The unarmed Mr Blignaut was attacked, knifed at Brackenfell, Tygerberg home: cursed for 'white trash"

He says the first thought was to 'survive' and that these men were targetting him to 'get to him personally'. That they called him 'white trash' and tried to tear off the security door in their attempt to get to him.

Afrikaners are under siege all over South Africa: including from their own government who has barred the working-class Afrikaners like this specifically from the job market - even their disabled and their women now are barred from working in the labour market -- by law.

And then they get attacked at their own homes and cursed as 'white trash' - because they are growing very poor now.




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