Thursday, March 22, 2012

Afrikaner Lourens family attacked in Parys: two prized German Shephard dogs poisoned - PICS

Lourens Erasmus: dad's two beloved shepherd dogs poisoned in Parys -- March 20 2012

GPS 26.53 and 27.27

PARYS, Free State, South Africa. The heartless barbarians have poisoned my dad's beloved two German Shephard dogs last Wednesday-night in Parys.My dad says it will take him a year just to get over their deaths. Losing those dogs was like losing one's family.The male was a superbreed-dog with his own character and a one-off.
They poisoned the dogs with sausage stuffed with Two Step agricultural poison and then broke into his home at 3am the same morning.Thepictures show an entire bag of sausages mixed with two-step which they dropped in their hurry to flee.My dad woke up and when he wanted to run and get his gun OUT OF THE GUN-SAFE my brother shouted when they shone a flashlight on his face in his bedroom. They ran away before my dad could fetch his gun.My dad figured that with the dogs he felt safe.

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