Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afrikaner farm couple assaulted, tied up, racially abused, SURVIVE in Vryburg

Hatecrime: Vryburg farm attack March 10 2012: unidentified Afrikaner farming-couple assaulted, tied up: survive

An armed black male gang attacked the farm of an Afrikaner couple in Vryburg, tied them up and racially abused and assaulted them. The attackers fled with the couple's bakkie but overturned it within 2km and fled on foot. It’s not known whether anything of value was ‘robbed’ at all. A police helicopter and local farmers'self-defence groups have launched search parties together with the SAPS. VRYBURG POLICE (Phone: 053-9284000/92 Fax: 053-9273764)
gps 26573026 24434740

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