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The latest farm murders have reportedly ‘revulsed’ political party leaders from the Freedom Front and the Christian Democratic Party. Other political parties did not bother to comment. The FF and CDP spokesmen inaccurately referred to these inexplicable execution-style murders as ‘crimes’ however ; pandering to the ANC-regime’s claims that these all were just ‘ ordinary robberies’. The CDP and FF demanded that ‘the government stop handling “crime “with kid-gloves.’ The Afrikaans newspaper Rapport was the only one to publish these latest farm murders. The Sunday Times and other Sunday publications completely ignored them, as usual.

Former agricultural minister Cobus Dowry, who now is the highly-paid director of an agricultural union which allows only blacks-only membership, claimed in his statement to Rapport newspaper that he was ‘disgusted’ and that it was ‘high time that farmers get better protection’.

Hope Julius Malema is satisfied now… they keep on singing that song:

Christian-Democratic Alliance spokesman Rev Theunis Botha noted that since Zuma’s speech at parliament on 10 February, one farm attack has occurred every day. “Periodic condemnation of the ANC does not work especially when they insist on singing (banned) songs such as Shoot the Boer,’ he said.

Indeed: the ANC has spent millions in legal costs on appealing the banned song in the High Court, demanding that they must be allowed to continue singing the genical hatespeech song.

ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu justified this demand by saying at the court that ‘you Afrikaners have shot us dead by the thousands in the townships. Now it’s our turn to shoot you dead.’

PROSECUTE MALEMA IN THE HAGUE – PETITION: We, the undersigned, support the prosecution of Julius Malema in terms of international law for inciting genocide against the Afrikaner minority of South Africa, singing songs like "Shoot the Boer".

Mr Helgard Muller had just turned 66 years when he died from his wounds in the ambulance to the hospital. Mr Muller was ambushed an hour after two black men had arrived at the homestead, demanding money and keys to the safe. They tied up Mrs Muller and the housekeeper. When Mr Muller arrived home, he was murdered.

He is survived by three sons Nelis (40), Niel (39), Helgard jr. (27) , daughter Mrs Haneke Coetzee (36), eand seven grandchildren. Neighbour Eddie Muller, said ‘this makes a person feel bitter. I hope Julius Malema (ANC youth leader) is satisfied now. When they keep on singing that song that’s what will happen. “

Sign the petition:

Other recent rural murders targetting Boers:

please note: the agricultural-unions record ONLY the names of commercial farmers on their ‘farm murder’ lists. Thecommercial unions completely ignore the murders on agricultural smallholdings – although they also produce excess-agricultural products for the produce-markets. The agri-unions also ignore the murders of white tourists and residents at rural tourist lodges etc.)Feb 11 2011 Daniels, Leslie 58 foreman chickenfarm slaughtered like animal Kyalami

Feb 9 2011 Deon van Staden, 51 bashed over the heads with a spade, then shredded by numerous knifewounds, Bethanie NW smallholding

Feb 9 2011 Babs Strecker, 73, murdered, ‘shredded by numerous knifewounds’ Bethanie AH NW

Feb 4 2011 Frik Hermann, farm Die Laaste Watergat, Alma, Warmbaths, cruelly tortured, tied up, ’There is something wrong in a democracy when a cruel farm murder just becomes a mere ordinary statistic…’ writes his nephew, Solidarity trade union leader Dirk Hermann in letter to Jacob Zuma:

Jan 27 2011 ERASMUS Jeff, 66, murdered Welkom farmer, remains found in sewage-filled Klippan, six bl. men arrested

Kotie and Schalk Visser, Beeld distributors, both gunned down in their truck 4 years apart on rural road: Dec2010, Apr 2006. Kotie Visser died in coma two months later …

Jan 21 2011 Boer-gunsmith Kobus de Vries dead in mysterious KZN SAPS siege – very likely executed although all his guns were legally-registered

Costa, Alberto, 44, Cloetesdal farmer Stellenbosch murdered by 2 black males

Alberto Costa, 44, farmer murdered, Cloetesdal, Stellenbosch
2011-02-19 Stellenbosch. 'Die Burger' journalist Malani Venter reports that 44-year-old commercial farmer Alberto Costa was shot dead in a gunfight with armed black males who had dug a hole beneath the farm fence to attack his heavily-fortified Cloetesdal farm - located near the R304 highway and Khayamandi township. Mr Costa was armed with a shotgun and had gone to investigate why his dogs were barking. Costa also shot and injured one of the attackers: a blood trail indicates that the wounds may be 'serious', said provincial police spokesman Lt col André Traut. Mrs Zelda Costa and their children, 3 and 8 years old, were not physically injured.
The dead farmer was discovered when the police and a security guard from Stellenbosch Watch responded to an alarm from Cloetesdal at 02:50 said Traut.
The two suspects fled and their blood-trail was followed by a large task-force searching amongst the grape-vines and olive-trees which grow near the light-brown homestead, write Venter. The news media is being barred from the homestead, about 500m from the highway, as the entire area is being examined as a crime-scene. Rudy Buys, a long-time friend of the murdered farmer, said the entire Boland farming community is in mourning. Mr Costa was a successful and much-liked member of the community and he was everybody's pal.' Beyers Truter another nearby farmer also described Costa as a 'compassionate man'"He will be terribly missed. It's not only a case of a father being lost forever for his children, but also a widow who has to adjust because her husband no longer is there.'

Farm attack Balmoral injures Hough couple

Feb 18 2011 – Mrs Theresa Hough-van Zijl, who is a daughter of Balmoral farm foreman Mike Hough, confirmed on Face book’s Boere-Krisis-Aksie page that her father and mother just survived a farm attack earlier. “My dad is alive,’ she writes. “But he was shot, my mother was beaten, kicked and stabbed with a knife.” She said ‘everything was still very confused and urged the BKA-members to listen Radio Pretoria to obtain more information.
Gerhard Lochenberg wrote on Boere Krisis Aksie: “Mike Hough and his family were attacked last night on 17 Feb 2011 at 20h30 in his home at Balmoral. He was shot in the lower-body from outside through the window while asleep in his bed. His wife was attacked, a firearm was pushed against her head and the trigger pulled over – but the gun failed to fire. The attacker then tried to stab her with a knife but she fought against him and he cut her hand instead. There were four armed robbers – two attacked the home and two remained outside with a vehicle. When the Hough family’s son rushed up to help the attackers fled – but while fleeing they shot the youth. If the youth hadn’t shown up the entire family would have been murdered. The gangsters fled with a firearm, money and stolen jewelery from the safe. The SAPS showed up many hours after they were called, strolled through the homestead, chattered away with each other in their black language and left again.” None of the family members reportedly were seriously injured and are at the farm. Mike Hough, who is the caretaker at the farm, was in the news recently after the illegal SAPS raid at its historical Boer Genocide Museum last year - which is located at the Boer-concentration camp graves. He allegedly was supposed to testify as a witness in a criminal case which was lodged by the ANC-regime against ex-32Battallion commander Willem Ratte, who was held in a police-jail for a month after his arrest - and went on a long hunger-strike to force his release..The ANC claimed in a highly publicised press-conference at the time of the arrest of Ratte and a group of Afrikaner youths he was teaching the carpentry trade to on the farm, that Ratte allegedly was involved in ‘terrorism plans’ and ‘treason’. SAPS commissioner Cele at the time also produced a rather dubious group of photos claiming to be a ‘confiscated arms cache’ which included (legal) air guns, gardening implements and legal, registered firearms. Police commissioner Cele claimed these were proof that this small group of Afrikaners was ‘planning a government takeover.’ However thus far none of this ‘terrorism and treason’ claims have been turned into any similar charges in a court room – although these inaccurrate news reports have been widely published.

Paul Kruger of Volksraads Verkiesings Kommittee suffers broken nose - Paardekraal-meeting punch-up Feb 17 2011
In another development which highlights the divided politics amongst the Boer/Afrikaner groups, lawyer Paul Kruger of the Volksraad Verkiesings Kommittee (a Boer-republican committee launched to elect the first Boer leadership in the past 113 years…), suffered a broken nose yesterday during a meeting at the Paardekraal monument in Krugersdorp. link:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=199514316741788&

Nick Mellet, 45, found dead, P’Maritzburg

Reported from Pietermaritzburg, KZN. The body of missing Benoni man Nick Mellet, 45, who went missing during the 38th Aquelle Midmar-Mile race, was found dead in the Midmar Dam by police divers. SAPF Dog Unit spokesman Jack Haskins said Mr Mellet was found dead four days after disappearing during the popular annual event.

About 18,000 amateur-athletes participate in this event in KwaZulu-Natal each year. Mr Mellet was identified as being missing when his coded tag failed to register at the finish line. SAPF spokeswoman Joey Jeevan announced shortly after his disappearance that ‘any underwater search by police, navy and army divers had to wait while the race was on.” There were delays in the search because of bad weather.

Attacker of smallholder Joggie Papenfus Feb122011 wore bulletproof vest with six guns. Smallholder’s ear cut off…

CULLINAN. Feb 16 2011 – Afrikaans smallholder Joggie Papenfus was shot in the stomach after his in-laws, who manage the Wilde Sering Lodge near Cullinan, were attacked by two black men, one of whom was wearing a bulletproof vest with six guns strapped to it. The attack occurred on Saturday-night Feb 12 2011. “One attacker wore a bulletproof vest with six guns strapped to it…’ And another smallholder’s ear was cut off after he was unable to give the attackers the key to the safe to the lodge because the employee never had such a key. …

Leslie Daniels, 58, foreman stabbed to death Feb11 2011 chicken-farm Kyalami

2011-02-16 “They slaughtered him like an animal,' said daughter Jessica Daniels, 28, when she discovered her father Leslie's mutilated corpse on their smallholding near a chicken-farm at Kyalami

Armtrong, Malcolm, 34, courier-business owner, skull crushed black mob Isando Johannesburg

Malcolm Armstrong, 34: white owner of courier-business: skull crushed, nose, cheekbones broken Isando, Johannesburg: vicious black racist-mob attack targetting white 'labour brokers' and anyone driving a truck - Isando Feb142011

Alberts, Japie, 43, ex prison official shot dead VdBijlpark Feb152011

Japie Alberts, 43, ex prison-official, shot dead, Vanderbijlpark Feb152011
2011-02-15 Former prison-official Japie Alberts, 43, was shot dead inside his house in Vanderbijlpark on Tuesday Feb 15 2011. The father of a five-year-old little son, Diahn, was found in a pool of blood on the kitchen-floor of his home by neighbour Kobus Coetzer. Beeld reported that Alberts was lying on his stomach and had 'numerous wounds to his chest and his back'. URL

Muratava, Sviavlana, Russian, found murdered in ditch, Hammanskraal, North West

Russian woman Sviavlana Muratava murdered in SA
Feb 20 2011 - Rustenburg/GARANKUWA, South Africa. A Russian strip-artist who worked in the Flamingo nightclub disappeared on 20 November 2010 but was only reported missing in January. Ms Sviavlana Muratava ("Lana") 's body has now been discovered in Garankuwa township's mortuary. She was murdered.
The Garankuwa police received a call on 23 November that her body was found dumped in a ditch near Hammanskraal. They put her in the morgue and told nobody about her - not even a report to the news media. Only when her employer reported her missing early in January, did the Garankuwa police contact the Rustenburg police to let them know they had her body in the morgue... The police are now looking for a 'bloke in a white land-cruiser' who had been at her room behind the club to 'drop off items shortly before she disappeared.'
Piet Crous, who owns the stripclub, (according to "Sondag" Afrikaans-language tabloid), said a security guard in the carpark had seen the man in the white 4x4, and that he had stayed for about half an hour. Ms Muratava disappeared shortly thereafter. Three days earlier, she'd apparently had a huge row with another Russian stripper at the club. However the entire story is very murky. Lt-Col Lesego Metsi of the Rustenburg police said they are investigating and if anybody knows anything to please contact them.
contact: Cellphone: 0828561731 woman murdered in Rustenburg, South Africa!/photo.php?fbid=202358513111329&set=a.117964074884107.20843.116752351671946&theater

Twee mans, vrou in hegtenis weens plaasmoord

Kaapstad - Twee mans van Oranjeville en 'n vrou van Frankfort in die Vrystaat is in hegtenis geneem in verband met die moord op 'n boer op die plaas Mara naby Frankfort.

Volgens Harry Nagel, 'n polisiewoordvoerder, is die drie verdagtes is in die Frankfort-omgewing aangekeer ongeveer drie ure ná die moord Saterdagoggend op die 66-jarige Helgard Muller van Frankfort.

Die vuurwapen waarmee Muller vermoedelik geskiet is, is in die vrou se huis gevind.

Muller se vrou en huishulp is op die plaas oorval en die aanvallers het hom ingewag. Hulle het hom geskiet en met sy bakkie gevlug.

Die voertuig is later verlate op 'n grondpad naby Frankfort gekry. Muller het onderweg na die hospitaal beswyk.

- Vir meer inligting besoek RSG.

Boer op Stellenbosch-plaas doodgeskiet

Kaapstad – 'n 44 jaar oue boer van Cloetesville, Stellenbosch, is Vrydagoggend tydens 'n gewapende rooftog by sy huis doodgeskiet.

Luidens 'n polisieverklaring het die man sy vuurwapen gevat en gaan ondersoek instel toe hy oortreders hoor.

Hy is deur twee gewapende mans gekonfronteer en skote is afgevuur. Hy het op die toneel weens 'n skietwond aan sy bors beswyk.

Sy vrou en twee kinders is ongedeerd.

Die verdagtes het gevlug en 'n bloedspoor gelos, wat daarop dui dat een van hulle moontlik swaar gewond is.

'n Polisiesoektog duur voort.

Enigiemand met inligting kan kapt. Edwin Jones by 082 778 9952 kontak.

Mediese personeel word gevra om dit aan te meld as hulle enigiemand met skietwonde behandel.

Volg Nuus24 op Twitter

- Die Burger

Moord op boere: ‘Dit moet nóú end kry!’

Celinda Groenewald
Johannesburg - Woede oor geweldmisdaad op die platteland het Saterdag opnuut in landboukringe oorgekook.

Dit kom ná die moorde op die boere Helgard Muller (66) van Frankfort in die Vrystaat en Alberto Costa (44) van Stellenbosch.

Die VF+ “het met skok verneem” van Muller se moord en daarop gewys dat dit die derde plaasmoord die afgelope week in die Oos-Vrystaat was.

“Die VF+ eis dat die regering daadwerklik ingryp,” het Jan van Niekerk, VF+-LPW en voorsitter van die Vrystaatse landbou-portefeuljekomitee, gesê.

Carl Opperman, hoof van Agri Wes-Kaap, sê die regering “hanteer misdaad met handskoene.

“Hy sal ’n daadwerklike politieke besluit moet neem om misdaad uit te roei, maar hy wil nie. In ons land het misdadigers meer regte as wetsgehoorsames.”

Cobus Dowry, oud-minister van landbou van die Wes-Kaap en ’n direkteur van die swart landbou-unie die USAAA, het sy afgryse uitgespreek. “Dit word hoog tyd dat boere beskerm word.”

Die Christen-Demokratiese Alliansie (CDA) sê daar het sowat een plaasaanval per dag in Suid-Afrika plaasgevind sedert pres. Jacob Zuma se staatsrede op 10 Februarie.

“Periodieke veroordelings deur die ANC werk nie. Veral nie wanneer die ANC op hul ‘reg’ aandring om liedjies soos ‘Skiet die Boer’ te sing nie,” sê ds. Theunis Botha, CDA-leier.

’n Dag nadat ’n bekende Stellenbosse boer in ’n aanval op sy plaas doodgeskiet is, het ’n tweede boer Saterdagoggend met sy lewe geboet toe hy, ook op sy plaas, in die kop geskiet is.

Die jongste slagoffer, Helgard Muller van Frankfort in die Vrystaat, het verlede week 66 geword. Hy het in die ambulans op pad na die hospitaal beswyk.

Die voorval het om 10:00 op die plaas Mara, 15 km buite Frankfort op die R26- Tweelingpad, plaasgevind.

Marietjie Muller (61), sy vrou, en ’n huishulp was alleen toe twee mans in hul vroeë twintigs gewapen met ’n stok en vuurwapen die huis binnegekom en geld gevra het.

“My ma het eers gedink dit was ’n speelgoedgeweer en daarom het sy kalm gebly,” sê Hennie Coetzee (36), hul skoonseun.

Marietjie, wat in ’n rolstoel is, het vir die rowers gesê sy het nie die kluis se sleutel nie en haar man is nie daar nie. Die mans het hulle met toue en skoenveters vasgebind en in verskillende kamers gelaat.

Helgard het ’n uur later by die huis aangekom en is glo in die gang oorval en in die kop geskiet. Die verdagtes het in sy Isuzu-bakkie gevlug wat later op ’n grondpad naby Frankfort gekry is.

Die huishulp het ’n mes in die hande gekry en na Marietjie gevat wat hulle bevry het. Die twee vroue het geen beserings opgedoen nie, maar is vir skok behandel.

’n Saak van gewapende roof en moord word ondersoek.

Helgard word benewens sy vrou en skoonseun deur drie seuns, Nelis (40), Niel (39), Helgard jr. (27) en sy dogter, Haneke Coetzee (36), en sewe kleinkinders oorleef.

Hennie sê Helgard was ’n liefdevolle leier in die gemeenskap wat altyd ander mense eerste gestel het.

Eddie Muller, ’n buurman, sê “dit maak ’n mens bitter. Wat kan ons nou daaraan doen? Ek hoop Julius Malema is nou tevrede. As hulle gaan aanhou met daai liedjie (“Skiet die Boer”) is dit mos nou wat gaan gebeur.”

Verslaenheid heers in Stellenbosch oor die moord op Alberto Costa (44) van die wynplaas Cloetesdal. Dit het Stellenbosch ontneem van een van sy hardwerkendste en suksesvolste boere, het bure gesê.

Costa is Vrydagoggend om 03:00 geskiet toe hy, gewapen met ’n haelgeweer, op sy honde se geblaf gereageer het. Hy het afgekom op twee mans wat besig was om ’n gat onderdeur sy veiligheidsheining te grawe.

Costa is in die bors geskiet. ’n Bloedspoor dui daarop dat hy een van die twee mans raak geskiet het.

Rudi Buys, ’n goeie vriend, sê Costa was besig met ’n reuse-swartbemagtigingsprojek.

“Alberto het drie plase wat vir hóéveel mense werk gegee het.”

Die oud-Springbok Hempies du Toit van die wynlandgoed Annandale het gesê hy is “in ’n toestand. Dis hartverskeurend. Alberto was die sout van die aarde, hardwerkend, suksesvol. Hy en sy ouers is gebore Suid-Afrikaners.”

Costa, een van vier broers, se jongste broer, Flavio, is onlangs in ’n motorongeluk dood.

“Dis érg, érg, érg. Ons is almal geskok. Cloetesdal het top-veiligheidsmaat­reëls – die beste heinings en kameras en alles.”

Costa laat sy vrou, Zelda, en ’n seun (8) en dogter (3) agter.

- Rapport

Nog 'n VS-plaasmoord skok

Bloemfontein - ’n Oorlog word teen boere gevoer en hulle moet hulself dienooreenkomstig voorberei en paraat wees, sê Roy Jankielsohn, Vrystaatse DA-leier, ná die soveelste plaasmoord in die provinsie.

Familielede van Helgard Muller (66) wat Saterdag op die plaas Mara in die Frankfort-distrik in die kop geskiet is, was Sondag nog erg geskok en emosioneel.

“Ek gaan nie daaroor kom nie,” het Muller se jongste seun, Helgard jr., gesê.

Dit was die derde plaasaanval in die Oos-Vrystaat binne net meer as ’n week en sover bekend die derde boer wat in aanvalle in bykans drie weke gesterf het.

Pres. Jacob Zuma se woordvoerder, Zizi Kodwa, het Sondag gesê selfs een moord is te veel.

“Elke moord moet veroordeel word – of dit nou op ’n boer of sy werker is,” sê Kodwa.

William Bulwane, woordvoerder van die Vrystaatse premier, se selfoon was Sondag af en dus kon kommentaar nie van Ace Magashule verkry word nie.

Sibongile Besani, provinsiale sekretaris van die ANC, sê die landbousektor is die provinsie se “kosmandjie”.

Volgens hom het die ANC ’n visie vir werkskepping, soos wat die president in sy staatsrede gesê het. “Die dood van ’n boer sal werkskepping negatief raak.”

Volksblad het by Kodwa en Besani navraag gedoen nadat ds. Theunis Botha, leier van die Christen-Demokratiese Party (CDP), gesê het sedert Zuma se staatsrede op 10 Februarie het sowat een plaasaanval per dag in die land plaasgevind.

Intussen loop die gemoedere hoog onder Vrystaatse boere oor die oënskynlike toename in plaasmoorde.

Pinkie Craven, ’n veiligheidsverteenwoordiger van Vrystaat Landbou (VL), sê dit gaan ’n moeilike taak word om boere te keer om nie eie reg te gebruik nie.

“Die mense soek antwoorde.”

Paul Kirsten van Damplaas en Hennie Taljaard van die plaas Lengte, albei in die Frankfort-distrik, sê die doodstraf moet heringestel word.

“’n Mens baklei en vra dat dit (plaasaanvalle) stopgesit moet word, maar net niks gebeur nie,” sê Taljaard.

Hy en Muller was sedert hul skooljare vriende.

“Ons is nou regtig siek en sat hiervoor. Daar is geen wet en orde in die land nie,” sê Kirsten.

Dan Kriek, adjunk-president van VL, het gevra vir “beredeneerde kalmte” en sê hulle sal weer die regsproses ondersteun aangesien die oppergesag van die reg ononderhandelbaar is.

Wessel Bibbey, van die plaas Merrivale in die Frankfort-distrik, sê om kwaad met kwaad te vergeld, is nie ’n oplossing nie.

Boere word gewaarsku om opnuut paraat te wees en VL se gebeurlikheidsplan te ondersteun.

Muller word oorleef deur sy vrou, Marietjie (61), seuns, Nelis (40), Niel (39) en Helgard jr. (27), dogter, Hanneke Coetzee (36), en sewe kleinkinders.

Maria Nel, haar man, Peet, en skoonsuster, Adrie van Heerden, is op 10 Februarie op hul plaas buite Bethlehem deur vier gewapende rowers aangeval.

Dieselfde dag is twee huishulpe op die plaas Rexford buite Paul Roux deur rowers aangehou.

Die Stellenbosse boer Alberto Costa (44) van die wynplaas Cloetesdal is Vrydag in die vroeë oggendure in ’n aanval doodgeskiet.

Dr. Dirk Hermann, adjunk- uitvoerende hoof van die vakbond Solidariteit, se oom, Frik Hermann (78), se erg ontbinde lyk is op 8 Februarie op sy plaas, Die Laaste Watergat, in Limpopo gekry.

Lt.kol. Ronel Otto, provinsiale polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê Hermann is vermoedelik bykans ’n week tevore vermoor.

Hermann het gesê sy oom is die 1647ste boer wat volgens die TLUSA se statistieke sedert 1991 in Suid-Afrika vermoor is.

- Volksblad

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Plaasmoorde plaas Zuma se staatsrede in grusame konteks

Geskryf deur praag
Sondag, 13 Februarie 2011 08:10
"Die jongste plaasmoorde in Noordwes toe Deon van Staden en sy vriendin, die 73-jarige Babs Strecker vermoor, en die jongste twee plaasaanvalle in die Oos-Vrystaat kort na pres. Jacob Zuma se staatsrede plaas die president se standpunte oor 'n afname in sekere misdaadkategorieë in grusame konteks."
So sê ds. Theunis Botha, leier van die Christen-Demokratiese Party (CDP)

"Ons is baie bekommerd dat plaasaanvalle en ook plaasmoorde so onverpoosd voortduur, nie net in Noordwes en die Oos-Vrystaat nie, maar landswyd.

"Ons doen weer 'n beroep op die regering om die saak met die nodige erns aan te pak, maar ook op regeringsvlak konsekwent die boodskap sal uitstuur dat die landbougemeenskap nie vrybuit is nie.

"Die voorvalle plaas ook Zuma se stellings oor die hemel onder ANC-bewind in konteks."

Estelle Botha, 16, torched, dismembered...

Afrikaans student Estelle Botha, 16, her torched, dismembered body was found Aug 16 2007 next to a railway line in rural Koedoespoort – and her grieving mom Estelle wants to have the killers found

Feb 13 2011 - Sunday Times journalist Werner Swart interviewed the distraught mother of 16-year-old Afrikaans college student Estelle Botha of Pretoria, who was murdered most gruesomely on Aug 16, 2007: her body was found torched next to a railway line in Koedoespoort, 18km from where she was last seen after a karaoke night out with friends in Gezina. Mom Estelle has been waiting three-and-a-half years for her teen daughter's murderers to be found.

Last year the case was finally handed to seasoned crime-investigator Capt Mike van Aardt. Another detective was quoted as saying to the Sunday Times journalist that the previous investigation's long list of blunders now made Van Aardt’s job extremely difficult. Van Aardt appeals for the public to come forward: 'someone out there knows who she left with and who she was last seen with. I think it's time for those people to talk," he said. Call Captain Van Aardt on 0825751808.

Police bungles included their failure to gather vital evidence at the crime scene; they did not interview staff nor patrons who were at the karaoke-pub in Gezina where the girl was last seen with her friends at 9pm before her murder. Also: police had failed to cordon off the crime scene properly nor search there for clues. Two weeks after the murder, friends and relatives who had gone to the crime scene to pay their respects, found the girl’s severed hand, her bag, make-up and a half-burnt porn magazine that may have been used to set her on fire. "This was vital evidence that the police missed ... and probably why they have not arrested her killer," said her mother in her interview with the Sunday Times.

The teenaged student disappeared after going out with friends for a karaoke evening to a pub, Cabanas - now closed down. She left it at 9pm. The next time anyone saw her was when her torched body was found next to a railway line in Koedoespoort 8km away. The girl's charred and dismembered body was discovered by security guards near the railway line the next day. They told police they had seen two 'men' (no further details provided) speed away in a white bakkie.

While Van Aardt himself would not be drawn on the standard of the police work in 2007 in his interview with the Sunday Times, another detective said the series of blunders had badly hampered the murder investigation. The detective, who asked not to be named, said it was standard practice to cordon off the scene to prevent people "trampling" on evidence. It was also routine to comb the area, collecting anything, no matter how apparently insignificant, including clothing and cigarette butts. Van Aardt would not comment, saying he had not been involved in the investigations at the scene. An unhappy Botha said her child "deserved so much better than this... I deserve to know what happened to my daughter that night and why someone killed her as if she was worth nothing. She had all these plans for the future and was like any typical teenager." Anyone with information that may be helpful should call Captain Van Aardt on 0825751808.

Brenner, Heinz, 71, brain-damaged, Linden assault

Brenner, Heinz, brain-damaged in black gunman assault, Linden Feb 10 2011

Johannesburg. 71-year-old Heinz Brenner was dragged through his Linden bungalow and so viciously assaulted by a black gunman that he sustained brain-damage and suffered a heart attack from the trauma. Jody Nel of Beeld reported that Mr Brenner remained in serious condition at Milpark hospital and required surgery to stop bleeding on his brain.

The attack follows shortly after the brutal murder of 65-year-old Mrs Georgie Jacklin in the bedroom of her Sleepers guesthouse in Linden a few days earlier. SAPS capt Alex Vermaak of the Linden PS said Brenner was 'brutally assaulted and sustained mostly head-injuries. The gunman dragged Brenner throughout his home before dumping him in front of his garage.' Mr Brenner was alone at home: his wife and daughter were at the shops, but when they returned they also were ambushed. "The man pointed a gun at the women but no shots were fired.' said Vermaak. The women were locked in a cupboard and he ran away. The women freed themselves, alerted the police, found Mr Brenner in the garage and called an ambulance. Police hadn't yet determined what was missing from the Brenner bungalow. Vermaak said Mr Brenner was scheduled for surgery to try and stop bleeding on the brain.Freedom Front Plus city councillor Karen Roodt strongly condemned the brutal assaults on her constituents.

Vorster, Susan, Shell worker, dead in Boksburg lake

Vorster, Susan, 63, Shell employee, Feb 7 2011, dead in Boksburg lake

Mrs Susan Vorster, 63, went missing from her Shell petrol-station job in Boksburg on Monday. Her body was recovered from Boksburg lake on Friday Feb 10 2011.

Her employer's white Toyota Corolla, her handbag and the jewellery she wore were missing.

There was blood in her mother’s nose and ears when she identified her mother’s body in the mortuary, said her daughter Edna du Plessis, 40. She and sister Tanya Vorster, 28 had to identify their mother in Germiston on Thursday.

Beeld journalist Jacques Steenkamp interviewed the distraught women shortly afterwards. Mrs Du Plessis said sister Tanya ‘collapsed when she recognised their mom. We expected the worst but were not prepared for what we saw. We are devastated,' she was quoted as saying in Beeld. Despite all these obvious indications that Mrs Vorster had been a crime-victim, the police were 'still awaiting the coroner's confirmation whether she was murdered or had drowned,’ said warrant-officer André de Jager .

Du Toit, Giel, electrician, Meerkat Satellite project, stabbed dead

Du Toit, Giel, 69, electrician at Meerkat Satellite Project, stabbing death, Vosburg
2011-02-09 VOSBURG. Local electrician Giel du Toit, 69, was stabbed to death in the Karoo home he´d lived in all his life. Volksblad journalist André Botha noted that the electrician who’d helped with the installation of South Africa’s prestigious Meerkat Satellite Project, had fought back fiercely against the knifemen: four bullet holes were found in the walls, said daughter Marina Pienaar.

After four previous breakins his children had an alarm put in. However during Saturday ´s storm Telkom’d had another blackout and the alarm was off. A black youth has alredy appeared in Victoria West court as a suspect. He’d been involved in a breakin in the Du Toit home in October 2010 and Carnarvon detectives found ‘several stolen items’ at the youth’s home. They expect more arrests soon. As an independent electrician Du Toit was well known to all the residents and was involved in the Meerkat satellite project near Carnarvon.

SAPS warrant officer Bertus Kruger of the Carnarvon region said the police were first alerted when someone found a bunch of keys in Van Rensburg Street near Du Toit’s home. Then a neighbourhood-watch volunteer showed them that one of Du Toit´s windows was broken. They investigated and found Du Toit stabbed to death in a pool of blood. Mr Du Toit´s funeral is scheduled today, Friday, 10am from the NG church in Vosburg.He is survived by his daughters Marina Pienaar of Durbanville, Alta Brits of Namibia, Liame Klindt of Blouputs near Kakamas and son Nardus du Toit of Johannesburg.

Zulu thugs attack frail white gran with sticks

Tillett, Vivien, 90; grandson Keith Lewis assaulted in vicious attack
Thurs Feb 10 2011 Zululand Observer. Two black attackers brutally assaulted 90-year-old granny Vivien Tillett, her grandson Keith Lewis and their old family dog on Thursday inside their home at 8:30pm.

Picture: The frail old Mrs Tillett was dragged from her bed into the backyard by her two large male Zulu-attackers; beaten over the head; had her ribs broken and an arm sprained. She was lying helplessly in a puddle of blood in the dark, waiting for her family to return.


Zululand Observer journalist Cenessa Stork reports that grandson Keith fought back like a lion to try and protect his frail gran from the two attackers. The men, armed with a gun and fighting sticks, had broken their locked gate, entered the house and attacked the young Keith with sticks.

He also was shot at: the bullet grazed his face. Knowing his fragile grandmother was in her room, Keith fought back with everything he had.

Threat to rape his gran: One of the Zulu men hissed at Lewis that they were going to rape his grandmother and then kill her. He tried to escape, hoping the two men would follow him and leave his grandmother alone. He ran outside up the dirt road towards town and waved down a police vehicle. Horror awaited father and son as they got home. Lewis Snr’s elderly mother had been dragged from her bed into the backyard. Beaten over the head, ribs broken and arm sprained, Tillett was lying helplessly in a puddle of blood in the dark, waiting for her family to return.

The attackers were nowhere to be found. They'd also bashed the old family dog. Doctor Jorgenson and helpful neighbours Peter and Alan Harrison spent the whole night with the family. No arrests have yet been made.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

De Jager, Doris, 50, Joburg High Court stenographer, executed,driveway Feb42011

Johannesburg; High Court stenographer in Agliotti- and Selebi cases; Doris de Jager, 50 murdered execution style by four-member gang, nothing robbed: Feb 4 2011

2011-02-06 Johannesburg High Court stenographer Doris de Jager, 50, was murdered execution style in the driveway of her Ridgeway home on Saturday by one of a gang of four black men who waited for her return from shopping on Saturday with her daughter Margie, 21. Nothing was robbed and the car was not hijacked.

Mrs De Jager also was an important witness who could verify the accuracy of the court records for many politicallly-sensitive trials which took place at the Johannesburg High Court: for instance, she recDe Jager Doris COURT STENOGRAPHER executed FEB42011 Ridgewayorded the trial records of major court cases - such as the murder trial of Glenn Agliotti (acquitted of murdering mining-magnate Brett Kebble); and the controversial fraud trial of former SA police chief Jackie Selebi, amongst many others.

Beeld journalist Jani Meyer reported that her son Danie, 29, witnessed his mother being shot to death through the windshield of their car. The gang then chased off without making any apparent attempt to ‘hijack’ her car – yet Beeld has chosen to report this as a ‘hijacking’.

Ms Meyer writes: “the murderers apparently were waiting for Mrs de Jager and her daughter to return home after shopping on Saturday-morning. Margie was engaged in closing the gate to their erf entrance at their Ridgeway home when she noticed two men inside the erf. “One had a pistol in his hand. I ran into the house and yelled to Danie (her brother) while phoning the ADT (security company),’ she told the journalist.

Seconds later she heard two shots. Danie, 29, was on the couch when his sister ran inside. “I heard a scream and flew out of the door,’ he said. He saw his mother inside his silver Corsa-bakkie where she tried to shie away from the gunman. “ His mother rolled from the vehicle and collapsed. “I attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but stuff ran from her mouth and she turned yellow,’ he said. Margie rushed out when she heard her brother screaming and saw her mother dying on the ground. “I heard her rattling breath and knew it was over,’ said his daughter.

A neighbour of the De Jager couple and a friend were meanwhile chasing the car with the four gunmen in it – described as ‘hijackers’ by Beeld – but when the gunmen noticed that they were being followed, the unarmed neighbours gave up the chase. The neighbour saw the car before Mrs De Jager was shot. He happened to be in a small park near the De Jager home.

De Jager Doris murdered court stenographer car she was executed“We saw a white Opel Astra with four men inside. The vehicle stopped and two men climbed out. We immediately were suspicious,’ he said. A bit later ‘the vehicle returned’ so the neighbour and his friends walked to his home. While enroute they heard two shots. “We drove around and started following the Astra, but it started driving more slowly and we realised we’d been spotted so we turned around and returned to the De Jager home. We found Danie sitting next to his dead mom.’

Her husband Christian said he spoke to his wife only five minutes earlier by cellphone. “She was my everything. We married when she had just matriculated at the age of 17. Now I am alone,’ he said. Her daughter Margie said she’d ‘wished she was the one who had been shot dead. She was more than my mom, she was my best friend. I have never been without her in my life.’ SA Police Force warrant-officer Gordon Billing said ‘the incident is being investigated’. Beeld photographer Brendan Croft took the pictures of the grieving family-members and the shot-up car. The De Jager couple’s picture came from the family album.

Inwoner (69) se mesdood ruk Karoo-dorp

André Botha

VOSBURG. – Dié rustige Karoo-dorp is geruk nadat ’n bekende inwoner van die dorp die naweek koelbloedig in sy huis doodgesteek is.

Dit was reeds die vierde keer dat in mnr. Giel du Toit (69) se huis ingebreek is. Hy is vermoedelik Saterdagoggend vermoor.

Du Toit was ’n gebore en getoë Vosburger wat sy lewe lank hier gewoon het. Hy het vermoedelik op sy aanvaller geskiet voordat hy met ’n mes doodgesteek is. Vier gate is in die muur van sy huis gekry, sê mev. Marina Pienaar, een van sy drie dogters.

Sy sê ná die vorige inbrake het sy kinders vir hom ’n alarm in die huis laat insit. Swaar weer Saterdag het egter veroorsaak dat die Telkom-lyn af was, sodat die alarm nie geaktiveer is nie.

’n Sestienjarige verdagte het reeds in die hof op Victoria-Wes weens die moord verskyn. Hy het ook in Oktober by die huis ingebreek, sê Pienaar.

Du Toit was die elektrisiën op die dorp, en bekend aan alle inwoners. Hy was ook by die Meerkat-satellietprojek by Carnarvon betrokke.

“(Die moord) is maar ’n hartseer-ding, maar dit is ’n realiteit,” het Pienaar gesê.

Sy het die polisie lof toegeswaai vir hul harde werk om die verdagte aan te keer. Sy sê hulle het oor die naweek onverpoos gewerk. “Hulle was fantasties.”

Ao. Bertus Kruger, woordvoerder van die polisie in die Carnarvon-streek, sê die polisie is Saterdag omstreeks 09:00 ingelig oor sleutels wat in Van Rensburgstraat gelê het.

Terwyl dit ondersoek is, het ’n gemeenskapslid aangemeld dat ’n venster in Du Toit se huis gebreek is.

Die polisie is daarheen, waar Du Toit se lyk in ’n poel bloed gekry is. Hy het verskeie meswonde gehad.

Speurders is van Carnarvon na Vosburg gestuur om met die ondersoek te help.

Verskeie gesteelde artikels is by die verdagte gekry. Nog mense kan in hegtenis geneem word.

Du Toit word Vrydag om 10:00 uit die NG kerk Vosburg begrawe.

Hy word oorleef deur Pienaar van Durbanville, mevv. Alta Brits van Namibië, Liame Klindt van Blouputs naby Kakamas, en mnr. Nardus du Toit van Johannesburg.

- Volksblad

‘Ons het op beste gehoop, die ergste verwag’

Riata Nel en Jody Nel
Die lyk wat die naweek in Viljoensdrif by Sasolburg gekry is, is gister deur emosionele familielede as dié van me. Georgie Jacklin, gastehuis-eienaar van Linden, Johannesburg, uitgeken.

Volgens die polisie is Jacklin (65) oor die kop geslaan met ’n betonblok wat in die oprit van die Sleepers-gastehuis was. Die bloed is afgewas en die betonblok teruggesit.

Twee inwoners van die Richmond-gebied in Viljoensdrif het Saterdagoggend in die veld langs die Vaalrivier op die lyk afgekom.

“Sy is erg verniel,” het speursers. Marius de Beer van die Viljoensdrif-polisie gister gesê.

Jacklin het drie wonde aan die agterkop en ook ’n oogwond gehad. Haar neus is gebreek en van haar tande is uit.

“Haar slaapklere was deurweek met bloed,” het De Beer gesê. Plastiekkabels was om haar mond gebind.

Jacklin se dogters, mee. Vanessa Jacklin-Levin en Natalie Jacklin-Chetty, was gister saam met hul pa, Normand, by die Sasolburg-polisiekantoor om die lyk uit te ken.

“Ons het op die beste gehoop, maar die ergste verwag,” het mnr. Jacklin, die vermoorde se eksman, gesê.

Die gesin het onraad vermoed toe me. Jacklin Sondag nie vir ’n afspraak met Vanessa opgedaag het nie.

“Sy moes my 08:00 ontmoet om met die honde te gaan stap. Sy het nie opgedaag nie. Ek het die tuinier van die gastehuis gebel. Hy het nie my ma of haar motor Vrydagaand of Saterdag gesien nie,” het sy gesê.

Sy is na die gastehuis. “Die tuinier het my die bloed in die oprit gewys. Ek het die polisie gebel.”

Die polisie het Maandag 15:00 gebel met die nuus dat ’n lyk wat aan die beskrywing van Jacklin voldoen in die Sasolburg-lykhuis is.

Volgens die dogters lyk dit of hul ma by die gastehuis vermoor is en haar lyk toe met haar motor vervoer en by Viljoensdrif uitgegooi is.

“Sy was ’n moedige en vriendelike mens wat ander maklik vertrou het,” het Vanessa gesê.

Jacklin was ’n deeltydse onderwyser vir kinders met spe­siale onderwysbehoeftes.

Gister was die personeel van die St. Barnabas College in Bosmont, Johannesburg, geskok oor die nuus dat sy vermoor is.

Volgens die skoolhoof, me. Heather Carolus, was Jacklin sowat agt jaar ’n onderwyser daar.

“Dis is die hartseerste ding. Sy het nie so ’n dood verdien nie,” het Carolus gesê.

Jacklin se motor, ’n rooi 2003-Ford Fiesta met die registrasienommer MGZ 641 GP, asook haar handsak, selfoon en skootrekenaar, word vermis.

Benewens haar dogters laat Jacklin drie kleinkinders agter: ­Richard (20), Elizabeth (2) en Mila (sewe maande).

Mnr. Lightwell Mtonga, tuinier, by die oprit voor een van die gastekamers waar me. Georgie Jacklin vermoedelik vermoor is.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

ARMS CACHE - two huge containers with tons of ammo, explosives, weapons found at Kimberley railway station

TWO CONTAINERS with 18 tons of explosives, 20 tons of ammo, 9mm pistols and AK47s were discovered in Kimberley this week: SAPS keeps it a big secret... writes MARYNA VAN WYK of the DIAMOND FIELDS ADVERTISER. writes MARYNA VAN WYK of the DIAMOND FIELDS ADVERTISER.

Pieterse family immoliated, Nelspruit

Family drama: father and son found torched; mother dies in Mediclinic of burn wounds
Nelspruit. It is suspected that apparently depressed Afrikaner building contractor dad André Pieterse (40) may have poured petrol over himself and son Marco, 9, and set fire to both of them after bashing his wife Suzelle, 38, with a hammer...

The father and son were found together on a double bed, immoliated in the Sheppard Park apartments. Wife Suzelle, 38, apparently battered with a hammer before Pieterse’s suspected self-immoliation, was rescued after she was seen by alarmed neighbours through a window crawling around in the smouldering fire at about 6am.
However she died several hours later at the Nelspruit Mediclinic where she worked. The fire department broke down the door after they were alerted by neighbours. Beeld reporter Buks Viljoen quoted col. Gerrie Agenbag, chief of the detectives branch in Nelspruit, as saying that this 'was one of the worst crime scenes he's witnessed in his career.'
Police do suspect that it was a triple family-murder because there were no signs of forced entry to the apartment and nothing seemed to be missing. A family friend was quoted as saying that 'André had money-problems and was very depressed lately". Three months ago, Mrs Pieterse was appointed in the administration department of the Nelspruit Mediclinic where she died whilel under treatment.
The fire was discovered at 6 by neighbours who smelled the smoke and went to investigate. The charred remains of Mr Pieterse and Marco, grade-five pupil at the Nelspruit Afrikaans Primary, were on the double-bed: Marco on his stomach, his dad on his back next to him. Mrs Pieterse was on the floor next to the bed.
Another resident, André Lombard, was murdered in the same room on 4 May 2009
Police found a blood-coated hammer in the living room on chair and a bottle half-filled with petrol next to the bed. A cup of warm coffee was in the kitchen and the bath was filled with warm watter. The kitchen had blood-spatters and there were blood-trails leading to the bedroom. The father and son died in the very same room where a previous occupant, André Lombard, was also murdered on 4 May 2009 by suspected burglars who were never arrested.
Mrs Pieterse's lifelong friend, Mrs Daniella Kilian, 37, said she could not believe that Andre could have done something like that to his son: 'he adored his son,' she said.“Suzelle and Marco always called him 'Pappa Bear' because he was such a loving, calm person. He never missed a rugby game and was always there for them. He loved them very much, said Mrs Kilian. "They still phoned us last weekend to brag about Marco's excellence in long-jump athletics. They were so proud of him.'

Kitty Vorster, 92, survives farm attack Hertzogville

Hertzogville – 92-year-old disabled Boer woman Kitty Vorster was attacked on her farm Ruspan 20km from Hertzogville, by six black ‘youths’ on Wednesday February 2 2011 She was ambushed at her backdoor just as she was letting her dachshund inside, as she does every day at 8pm, writes Beeld. Mrs Vorster walks with a zimmer-frame. The fiesty little dog was barking madly and wouldn’t come inside – so the old lady had peeked around the backdoor to find out why and was ambushed.

She was badly beaten and bruised by the gang: they hogtied the frail old woman with her hands and feet together; tried to throttle her to death with a tablecloth and a pillow. They’d already cut the telephone- and citizen-band radio wires before the attack, said her daughter-in-law Sandra. After her two-hour ordeal she was treated for shock and bruising and examined by a local doctor. Nobody was arrested. The homestead is only a stone’s throw away from the homestead of her son Martiens. He and his wife left the farm at around 6pm to attend a church-meeting at Christiana. During the attack Mrs Vorster was shoved to the ground, they beat her up, tried to smother her, tied her up and then went on a rampage through her cottage: heating food in the microwave then half-eating it and throwing the rest on the floor. After about two hours Mrs Vorster warned the gang – she estimated them to be between 15 to 17 years old -- that her son was expected home any minute. They fled, stealing only two cellphones, an old SADF-greatcoat, and a ‘klawerbord’ – b(y which presumably is meant a musical keyboard?) Her son returned at around 22:45 and immediately suspected that something was wrong, as he saw his mother’s lights were still on inside. He rushed there and immediately raised the alarm when he came across the badly-beaten up old lady. The local coordinator for the Free State’s rural-security group, Hannes de Jager, said they immediately launched a search for the attackers: setting up road blocks and coordinating a search with the local cops. An SAPS dog-team also followed the attack-gang’s tracks to the nearly township Malebogo where they lost the trail in the crowded streets. Mrs Vorster is recovering from her shock and trauma at her son’s house.

Piet van den Heever: retired Riebeeckstad hadmaster and rugby-referee for 35 years; stabbed to death, nothing robbed

Jan 28 2011.WELKOM. Retired headmaster and rugby-ref Piet van den Heever, 66, was found stabbed to death in his home in Riebeeckstad near Welkom. The Afrikaans station Radio Sonder Grense was the first news source to note the gruesome, motiveless murder: nothing was robbed. The popular local Boer’s body was discovered by his wife after she returned from a walk. The local SAPS did arrest two suspects who are scheduled for a remand appearance in Welkom magistrate's court on Monday.

Black SAPS members showed no respect for murdered white people: dragging their corpses uncovered through murder scenes:

In all these murder and suicide cases, the black police officers showed absolutely no respect for the dead white people, dragging the uncovered corpses through the murder scenes, bloodying the whole floor with blood stains and disturbing important forensic evidence. It was also noted that whenever black persons had died, they were very carefully put inside bodybags exactly on the spots where they had died and the black police officers showed the utmost respect and care for the black dead persons.

Also clear was that the majority of whites being murdered are male. It’s also evident that this recorded fact is being kept quiet in the main-stream news media. Also disconcerting is that the majority of murders of white males do occur in townhouse complexes, raising the concern that murderers occupy a house or flat in the same complex, and then quitly retract into their residence, without raising any alarm or concern. And whenrbrt white women fall victim to murdererers, the reports also rarely reach the news-media.

Many burglaries wrtr also committed by black people living in the same complexes as their white victims: in upmarket high-security complexes, huge arms caches were also removed by blacks residents, and even when these transfers of large arms-caches were reported to the SAPS, these residents were not invetigated and the arms caches were allowed to be transferred without investigating whether they had been legally-registered firearms or not.

Surveillance-photos of the farm found one memory-stick in discarded pants of a fleeing black farm-attacker in Brits…

One white farmer survived a panga (machete) attack in Brits, after being repeatedly bludgeoned over the head and back. The farmer managed to get hold of his shotgun, and wounded one attacker. The wounded attacker discarded his pants, grabbed a pair of pants belonging to the farmer, and fled. The SAPS found a memory stick containing detailed photos in the attacker's discarded trousers. These photos showed that there had been meticulous pre-planning of this attack: photos showed the farmhouse, and surrounding buildings in great detail, allowing the attackers to penetrate the property with ease. The attackers clearly had been watching the farmer’s movements beforehand, obtaining a detailed description of his routine, as he was attacked after letting the dogs out at 5 am. He was overpowered whilst returning to the house.

34 whites murdered Dec, Jan

Feb 4 2011 - Thirty-three White males, and 1 female were confirmed killed over the past two months - but these murders were never reported to the ‘official SA news channels. reports the crime-tracking log

Five White males were murdered in December, and 8 white males and one white female were murdered in January 2011.
Nine white males also committed suicide in December and 10 in Jan 2011.

The suicides are directly related to the dire economic circumstances which have been enforced upon whites by the South African ANC-ruled regime and many families are falling apart due to divorce and financial strain. The age group of the suicides ranged between 30 to 35 in most cases. One person was 40 years old, and one person was 50 years old.

Crime news Feb 3 2010

Odé Retief, attorney, murdered, Springs Jan 30 2011: gave family descriptions of attackers before her death: nothing robbed

Beeld newspaper reports: Ms Odé Retief, attorney Springs, attacked by three men at home Sunday Jan302011 8pm – 9pm, died of her bludgeoning-injuries Tuesday in hospital. However she had been able to provide family members with clear descriptions of her attackers before she died of her injuries at 10am on Tuesday in hospital. SAPS capt Johannes Ramphora confirmed that nothing was robbed from her home and that they had already arrested m\one man based on the murder-victim’s descriptions. She was found badly battered by her housekeeper in her home, located on the corner of Nigel- and Hills Roads in Selection Park, where she ran her law-practice Odé Retief de Lange (her married name, of her late husband). SAPS col. Willie Joubert of the Springs police, involved in the investigation, says two other black males are being sought. They also still awaiting forensic examination of the suspected murder weapon: Beeld says it may have been a baseball bat but Joubert could not confirm it as yet. She is survived by three daughters, Vicky, Odé jr. en Lèzanne. The widowed attorney practiced law under the name Odé Retief de Lange (her married name, of her late husband). Her funeral is planned for Saturday from the Mellville Kruis-congregation in Johannesburg.

Piet van den Heever, 65, retired dpty-headmaster, stabbed to death Jan282011in bed, Riebeeckstad, FS Nothing was robbed. His body was disovered by his wife after she'd returned from a walk. The local SAPS arrested two black suspects whose trial started in Welkom magistrate's court from Monday with a remand appearance to schedule their bail application hearing.

Erasmus Barend, 79; Annatjie, 82, attacked Jan 29 2011, stabbed in Phillipstown

Barend (79) and Annatjie (82) Erasmus were attacked Saturday night. Jan 29 2011 in their home in Pjhillipstown south of Kimberley. Both were stabbed. They are in hospital. Their condition is not currently known. They are the parents of TV personality Ellen Erasmus.

Ettienne Gert Coetzer, 66, corpse of murdered Afrikaner builder, found in Shosanguve Jan 29 2011

2011-02-01 The mutilated corpse of an independent Afrikaner builder, Ettienne Gert Coetzer, 66, was found dumped in Soshanguve township three days after he went missing from his home in Claremont, Pretoria. Three of his black colleagues at the construction company in Capital Park were arrested for his murder, confirmed w/o Patrick Zimu. All three male suspects are from Soshanguve. They are scheduled for a remand appearance soon, he said. Mr Coetzer was assaulted, throttled to death and then his body was dumped without any identification in a veld in Soshanguve extention 12. His torched bakkie was found Saturday-morning along the Rosslyn road north of Pretoria. One of the three suspects ‘was like a son to him,’ said the victim’s shocked son Mark, 39. His mother Dawn (63), had last heard from him on Friday-evening when he phoned her. The torched bakkie was discovered at 2am Saturday-morning and later that morning his body was also found. When the murdered man’s colleague then also disappeared without a trace, the SAPS launched a search for him and located him in Soshanguve. After questioning the worker, the other two also were arrested. “The first arrested worker had worked with my father for the past six years and they were very close,’ said Mark. “His arrest has shocked my mother tremendously because he was the very last man we would have suspected of participating in my father’s murder. Mr Coetzer sr. also leaves behind his daughters Tanya Blignaut, Bernedett Hoal and Merina Judd.

Suidlanders slaggereed vir ‘nag van lang messe’

Marlene Malan in Kaapstad
Die verregse Suidlanders-beweging, wat glo wit mense gaan uitgemoor word wanneer oudpres. Nelson Mandela tot sterwe kom, was die afgelope week op hete kole.

Volgens hul leier, mnr. Gustav Müller, het hulle die afgelope week selfs ’n spioen in die Milpark-hospitaal gehad waar Mandela behandel is.

Müller het eergister op die Suidlanders se webblad geskryf die beweging se leierskap is “gereed vir enigiets” en hou elke beweging rondom Mandela dop.

“Ons is so op hoogte dat ons iemand laat opneem het eergister in die hospitaal waar mnr. Mandela is, dat ons selfs weet wie al die besoekers was in die laaste 24 uur,” het hy geskryf.

En die Suidlanders is gereed om terug te veg wanneer die oorlog uitbreek, het hy verseker.

Hy het darem ook bygevoeg daar is geen rede tot paniek nie. Müller en sy volgelinge glo die Boere-profeet Siener van Rensburg het die sogenaamde “nag van die lang messe” voorspel.

Die nag van die lang messe staan by die Suidlanders ook bekend as Uhuru, Opera­tion Vula, Operation White Clean-up, Operation Iron Eagle of die Rooi Oktober-veldtog.

“Uhuru” is die Swahili-woord vir vrede en op talle webblaaie verwys regses ook na die lied Not Yet Uhuru, wat sowat 15 jaar gelede deur die sanger Letta Mbulu bekend gemaak is.

Regse internetskrywers sê dié woord is die kodenaam vir “Die nag van die lang messe”.

In die nag van Madiba se dood gaan die Suidlanders glo onmiddellik met die “ontruiming” van 800 000 wit mense voort.
Veilige persele op plase is reeds geïdentifiseer en sal glo binne 12 tot 24 uur ná die sterfte-aankondiging beman word.

Die ligging van dié plase is onbekend, maar dit word gesê daar is plek vir 8 000 mense op elkeen, met voorraad vir drie maande.

Pa van 4 in Pretoria beroof en vermoor

Gerhard Pretorius
Die polisie het ’n vermeende moordenaar vasgetrek enkele ure nadat ’n 47-jarige man in die noorde van Pretoria doodgesteek is.

Mnr. Gerhard Groenewald, die pa van vier kinders, is Vrydagmiddag by sy huis vermoor.

Sy vriendin, me. Eveleen Wil­son, het op sy lyk afgekom.

Hy is verskeie keer in die rug gesteek.

Mnr. Tjaart Botha, ’n inwoner van die Stephanie-kompleks in Stephanstraat, Magalieskruin, het gesê Groenewald was besig om te verhuis.

’n 25-jarige man het hom glo in sy huis oorval en doodgesteek.

Die moordenaar het na bewering met Groenewald se bakkie en ’n TV gevlug.

Konst. Portia Maleka, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê Wilson het op Groenewald se lyk afgekom nadat sy onraad vermoed het.

“Sy (Wilson) het hom (Groenewald) probeer bel, maar hy het nie sy foon geantwoord nie. Sy het hom by sy huis gaan soek en daar aangetref.

“Die polisie het vasgestel dat Groenewald se bakkie weg is.

“Dié voertuig is omstreeks 18:00 in Soshanguve, noordwes van Pretoria, opgemerk.”

Maleka het gesê die man het probeer wegjaag toe die polisie op hom toegeslaan het.

“Hy is uiteindelik aangekeer en gearresteer.”

Die vermeende moordenaar sal vandeesweek in die landdroshof in Pretoria-Noord verskyn.

Man sien moord op ma

Jani Meyer
’n Johannesburgse man het die naweek aanskou hoe kapers sy ma deur haar toe motorruit in die oprit van hul erf doodskiet en toe wegjaag.

Mev. Doris de Jager (50), ’n stenograaf by die hooggeregshof in Johannesburg, was onder meer betrokke by die verhoor van mnr. Glenn Agliotti, wat vrygespreek is weens die moord op die mynmagnaat mnr. Brett Kebble, asook dié van Jackie Selebi, oudpolisiehoof, wat aan korrupsie skuldig bevind is.

Die moordenaars het haar en haar dogter, Margie (21), blykbaar by die huis ingewag nadat hulle Saterdag gaan inkopies doen het.

Margie was besig om die hek toe te maak toe sy twee mans in die erf van hul huis in Ridgeway, in die suide van Johannesburg, sien.

“Een het ’n pistool in die hand gehad. Ek het in die huis gehardloop en na Danie (haar broer) geroep. Ek het ook ADT gebel,” het sy gesê.

Sekondes later het sy twee skote gehoor.

Mnr. Danie de Jager (29) het op die rusbank gelê toe sy suster die huis binnehardloop.

“Ek het ’n gil gehoor en by die deur uitgevlieg.”

Hy het sy ma in sy silwer Corsa-bakkie gesien waar sy van die aanvaller probeer wegskram het.

“Die man het haar deur die toe venster geskiet en toe op my geskiet.”

Mev. De Jager het uit die voertuig gerol en inmekaargesak.

“Ek het mond-tot-mond-asemhaling toegepas, maar daar het goed by haar mond uitgeloop en sy het geel geword,” het haar seun gesê.

Margie het haar broer hoor roep en haar ma op die grond gesien.

“Ek het haar hoor roggel en toe weet ek dit is verby,” het sy gesê.

Intussen het ’n buurman van die De Jagers en dié se vriende die kapers etlike kilometers ver agternagesit, maar dit laat vaar toe hulle agterkom die kapers besef hulle word agtervolg.

Die buurman, wat anoniem wil bly, was in ’n parkie naby die De Jagers se huis.

“Ons het ’n wit Opel Astra met vier mans in gesien. Die voertuig het stilgehou en twee het uitgeklim. Ons het dadelik onraad vermoed,” het die man gesê.

’n Rukkie later het die voertuig teruggekeer en die buurman en sy vriende het na sy huis gegaan.

Op pad het hulle twee geweerskote gehoor.

“Ons het rondgery en die Astra opgespoor en agtervolg, maar toe die Astra stadiger begin ry, het ons besef hulle het ons opgemerk en ons het teruggedraai. Ons het toe op Danie, wat langs sy ma gesit het, afgekom,” het hy gesê.

ADT en ’n ambulans het oomblikke later opgedaag.

Mnr. Christian de Jager het gesê hy het vyf minute voor die kaping met sy vrou op haar selfoon gepraat.

“Sy was my alles. Ek weet nie hoe ek sonder haar gaan klaarkom nie. Ons het getrou toe sy 17 was en net klaar met skool ... nou sit ek alleen.”

Margie, wat die laatlammetjie in die gesin is, het gesê sy wens sy was die een wat dood is.

“Sy was meer as my ma, sy was my beste vriendin. Ek was nog nooit weg van haar af nie.”

Ao. Gordon Billings, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê die polisie ondersoek die voorval.

Die ruit van die Corsa-bakkie waardeur mev. Doris de Jager die naweek doodgeskiet is. Foto's: Brendan Croft

Gesinslede van mev. Doris de Jager wat Saterdag in haar oprit doodgeskiet is. Van links is haar jongste dogter, Margie, haar seun, Danie, haar ander dogter Dalene en haar man, mnr. Christian de Jager.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goosen, Giep, farmer and family, attacked, 5 blacks, Harmonie Mpumalanga

Goosen, Giep, farmer and family held hostage, by 5 blacks, after church Harmonie Jan 30 2011 3 dogs shot dead

Jaypee Smuts writes from Hazyview: Jan 31 2011 – Farmer Giep Goosen of the Harmonie-block and his wife, their little son and two of his little friends were held hostage upon their return from church on Sunday. Arriving at the farm-gate, the farmer had stopped to open the gate when five armed black men stormed from the woods and climbed into his vehicle. “


As the crime-fighting website shows (two maps below), there has been a very sudden surge in armed attacks, hatespeech and government-originated propaganda against whites ever since half-July 2010. From that time, black workers also started receiving many warnings at taxiranks, enroute between work, at home in the townships and in shops, that they would have to start murdering their white employers – or be murdered themselves.


Goosen’s 5 attackers knew that the boy was his only son…

Jaypee wrote: “The five men were all armed. They ordered Goosen to drive to the homestead and enroute they asked him specifically ‘where is the money for the pumpkins’. He farms with butternuts and also sells them from his homestead.

However Goosen did not have any cash on him except R50 in his wallet and gave this to them. They just threatened to shot dead ‘his only son’ if he didn’t give them all his money. And then they shot dead all three his dogs right in front of everybody.

They ordered to unlock his safe – there was no money in the safe – they took his firearm, and tried to drive off in Goosen’s vehicle. Then his wife was ordered to start up the vehicle and they chased off with it: it was found abandoned later near Ofcolaco not far away from their farm.

This is the sixth attack on farm-owners in this region within a two-month period, writes Smuts.

Frikkie Scheepers attacked in Dec 2010

“In December 2010 Frikkie Scheepers and his wife were attacked. Thereafter two neighbouring farmers were robbed of their firearms and another neighbouring farmer was fired on when he tried the backdoor to try and find out what was going on.

“Early January an old lady was attacked near Letsitele – she however shot off a finger of one of the attackers and they fled. There also was another attack on two elderly people about which I can obtain no information. And then there was the attack on Sunday on Goosen and his family.

Definitely an inside job:

“Fortunately there was no loss of lives during these attacks. The Goosen attack definitely was an inside job – they knew that the son was the only child; they knew the pumpkin-money was kept at the homestead and they knew about the firearm in the safe...

He concluded: “One cannot believe that there still are people who trust their house-workers and sleep easy at night. I hope this was a wakeup call for him. Next time he might not be so luckly, and not get out of it without a loss of life.”

Erasmus Barend 79 and Annatjie, 82, attacked, stabbed in Phillipstown

Elderly Afrikaans couple attacked and stabbed, Phillipstown farm south of Kimberley. Barend (79) and Annatjie (82) Erasmus were attacked Saturday night Jan 29 2011 in their home. Both were stabbed. They are in hospital. Their condition is not currently known. They are the parents of TV personality Ellen Erasmus. She can be found on Facebook for verification.

Boer victim to gunman: Sir are you going to execute me?

Restaurant owner Wouter Myburgh to the black gunman who’d just shot him in the head: 'Sir....are you going to execute me?'


Pretoria - Fearing imminent execution, a Pretoria man addressed the robber who had just shot him in the head as “sir” and asked him if he had any children, the Pretoria High Court heard on Tuesday.’Restaurant owner Wouter Myburgh, who survived the headshot during an armed attacky at his home in Amandasig, was testifying in the trial of six black men accused of a series of violent house robberies north of Pretoria in May and June 2008.

Accused are Chicco Masemola, Socket Masemola, Thabo Diale, Lucas Mampane, Amos Matsimela and Aaron Mashiloane - all in their twenties and early thirties – and they pleaded not guilty to charges ranging from robbery with aggravating circumstances to attempted murder, rape and the unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition.

picture: Photographer Snowy Smith – author of the blog

Myburgh testified: “I was concerned he was going to execute me and addressed him as sir. I asked him twice: 'Sir... Are you going to execute me?', but he told me to shut the f**k up,” he said. Myburgh saw two of the men carrying his plasma television. The attackers also demanded his jewellery. He showed them his watches and told them about an expensive wedding ring he kept in his vehicle.

“They guy next to me said where's my wife and I said I was divorced. I asked him if he had kids, but he said: 'Shhh'. I was getting worried, because at that stage I was lying in a puddle of blood. I decided to try and expedite things and told them about other valuables. This seemed to calm them down and I could feel them tying my hands and feet.

“The man with the gun told me he had six children. I said: 'Sir, then you must be very blessed'... After that he said he'd decided not to kill me and I must stay quiet for 15 minutes after they'd left,” Myburgh testified.

After freeing himself, Myburgh ran to a neighbour's house for help. His neighbour wrapped towels around his head and took him to hospital.

Myburgh, who showed the court where the bullet had entered and exited the back of his head after apparently being deflected by his skull, said he spent four days in intensive care and battled to turn his head for a long time after the incident.

•Chicco Masemola has denied all knowledge of the four robberies he was charged with. They include that of Myburgh and of a white couple in Orchards, in which the woman was tied up and raped in front of her husband...
•to read the rest of this article, go to ;

Two Afrikaners’ corpses found

The tale of two corpses in two cities: Ettienne Gert Coetzer of Claremont Pretoria; and Marie Goosen of Parys…


Ettienne Gert Coetzer, 66, corpse of murdered Afrikaner builder, found in Shosanguve Jan 29 2011

2011-02-01 The mutilated corpse of an independent Afrikaner builder, Ettienne Gert Coezter, 66, was found dumped in Soshanguve township three days after he went missing from his home in Claremont, Pretoria.

Three of his black colleagues at the construction company in Capital Park were arrested for his murder, confirmed w/o Patrick Zimu. All three male suspects are from Soshanguve. They are scheduled for a remand appearance soon, he said. Mr Coetzer was assaulted, throttled to death and then his body was dumped without any identification in a veld in Soshanguve extention 12. His torched bakkie was found Saturday-morning along the Rosslyn road north of Pretoria. One of the three suspects ‘was like a son to him,’ said the victim’s shocked son Mark, 39. His mother Dawn (63), had last heard from him on Friday-evening when he phoned her. The torched bakkie was discovered at 2am Saturday-morning and later that morning his body was also found. When the murdered man’s colleague then also disappeared without a trace, the SAPS launched a search for him and located him in Soshanguve. After questioning the worker, the other two also were arrested. “The first arrested worker had worked with my father for the past six years and they were very close,’ said Mark. “His arrest has shocked my mother tremendously because he was the very last man we would have suspected of participating in my father’s murder. Mr Coetzer sr. also leaves behind his daughters Tanya Blignaut, Bernedett Hoal and Merina Judd.


Corpse of Mrs Marie Goosen, 67, of Parys, floated past some hundred horrified Vaal river wedding guests while Annelize and Sheldron Rostron posed for their pictures…

Jan 29 2011 – Saturday. While the newly-weds Annelize and Sheldon Rostron were posing for their wedding pictures next to the Vaal river ‘s Sioleh resort, their 105 horrified wedding-guests watched the corpse of an Afrikaner woman float past behind the couple at around 5pm.

Picture: photographer Mario van de Wall Beeld 082 570 7179

“We were smiling happily for the camera when the flower-girls started screaming and all the guests ran to the river’s edge, pointing and shouting,’ said Annelize in an interview with Beeld newspaper.

An emergency-service member was also seen following the floating dead woman in a canoo. She was identified as 67-year-year old Mrs Marie Goosen of Parys, who, it is being believed, drowned while she was trimming a tree near her riverside home along the river’s edge 16km away from Sioleh.

•Mrs Goosen’s husband Gert had left their home at around 4pm and found her missing two hours later upon his return. Police found scuff-marks on a slippery tree-trunk and her shears nearby. SAPS spokesman Maselela Langa said they were notified by other residents who had also spotted Mrs Goosen’s remains floating downriver from Parys.
Emergency-service personnel and police divers were trying to retrieve her in the rapidly-flowing river, following her trail in a rubber boat and a canoe, reported Beeld journalist Tom de Wet. She was eventually retrieved at around 18:00 some 20km from her home near Vredefort. Her son Johan Claassen (48), a pharmacist in Parys, said his mother had just undergone major surgery to repair damage done to her jaw by a dentist four years earlier due to a broken drill-bit severing nerves and injuring her jaw-bone. “She had just started eating properly for the first time since then, after her recent surgery,’ he said.She is also survived by a daughter Mrs Zita de Lange (40), and four grandchildren, Dean (18), Darren (16), Samantha (15) and Danielle (13).’A cremation-service was scheduled at the Dutch Reformed Church in Parys.

SA boer in arres in Zim

Sarel van der Walt
’n Suid-Afrikaanse boer en sy seun word deur die Zimbabwiese polisie aangehou nadat hulle probeer keer het dat plaasbesetters hul plaas oorneem.

Mnr. Janse Grobler (66) en sy seun, Paul (36), van die plaas Geluk in die Nyazura-omgewing naby Mutare in die ooste van die land, is deur die Zimbabwiese polisie in hegtenis geneem nadat hulle waarskuwingskote op ’n groep oproerige plaasbesetters geskiet het, het mev. Antoinette Grobler (60) gistermiddag gesê.

Die plaas is al sedert 1945 in die familie se besit en hulle het al meer as 1 000 ha aan grondhervorming afgestaan.

Mev. Grobler sê haar seun het sedert Vrydag talle dreigoproepe ontvang van ’n man wat beweer hy is ’n politieke kommissaris van Mutare.

Dié het hom gewaarsku sy plaas sou met geweld oorgeneem word.

Sondagoggend het ’n mnr. Colin Mugai, teen wie die Groblers reeds ’n hofbevel gehad het, by die plaas opgedaag en daarop aangedring om met Grobler jr. te praat.

Grobler jr. het geweier.

Eergisteroggend het Mugai weer daarop aangedring om Grobler jr. te sien, wat wéér geweier het.

Die middag het Mugai en ’n groep raserige mense na die plaas teruggekeer en twee hekke oopgebreek.

Grobler jr. en sy pa het waarskuwingskote op hulle geskiet.

“Hulle sou ingekom en ons doodgemaak het as dit nie vir dié waarskuwingskote was nie,” het mev. Grob-ler gesê.

“Ons het van 10:00 af SMS’e en telefoonoproepe na die polisie gemaak, maar hulle het glad nie gereageer nie. Teen 22:00 het die polisie met van die plaasbesetters agter op hul bakkies daar aangekom, die hek oopgebreek en my man en seun saamgeneem polisiekantoor toe.”

Sy het gesê hulle is daar in haglike toestande aangehou en sal vandag in die hof verskyn.

“Die Suid-Afrikaanse ambassade (in Harare) is baie traag om te help,” het sy gesê.

Van die oudstryders wat in die omgewing boer, is die Groblers glo baie goedgesind, maar bang vir die plaasbesetters.

“Die plaasbesetters vertel oral dat hulle die res van die wit boere van hul plase gaan afgooi omdat die Commercial Farmers’ Union (CFU) dit gewaag het om hom tot die hof te wend om die plaasbesettings te keer,” het mev. Grobler gesê.

Sy gaan tuis by mnr. Dolf du Toit en sy vrou, Alida, wat verlede jaar in dieselfde distrik ook van hul plaas probeer verdryf is.

Mnr. Willie Spies, regsverteenwoordiger van AfriForum wat Suid-Afrikaanse boere in Zimbabwe verteenwoordig, het gesê AfriForum sal sy veldtog verskerp om die Suid-Afrikaanse regering te dwing om op te tree om sy burgers te beskerm.

Prof. Mlungisi Makalima, Suid-Afrika se ambassadeur in Harare, het nie op boodskappe gereageer nie.